UX boosted form

Slash bounce rates with our form that’s optimized for applicant completion. Finalize applications sooner. Applicants can switch between platforms and devices during form completion without losing any progress - and submit data whenever they are ready.


Store your applicants data

Access candidate data whenever you need. Applicants can give permission to use their data in future recruitment drives, which gives you larger database of applicants for future recruitment.


Build customized forms

Ask everything you need to know in order to create complete candidate profiles & select the best person for the job. Build forms per position, using re-usable sections, components and questions. Ask for personal data, career details, skill mastery assessment, experience, files containing a CV or portfolio, and more.


You own your data

Your candidates’ database is truly yours. We don’t access this data and only your staff with administrative privileges are able to see detailed data of your applicants.

You are the master of the process

Our software does not force you to take on a given framework when it comes to recruitment. Continue working with your established and tested HR processes. Reach out to potential applicants directly through your chosen channels and send them personalized links to your job application form, or integrate the form with a job post on your website - it’s up to you.

Send us your feature requests

We are dedicated to providing the best product possible for our customers. If you think there is a feature missing from our Talent Management System, or you have something specific for your business you would like included in the software, then be sure to let us know. We want to optimize your systems for the greatest success!

How it works


Create reusable parts of your job application form
Use the administration panel to add questions and other form elements and then bind them into reusable parts. Save time on future form creation.


Create form templates for similar positions
Add and reorder created parts to build a form template. Form templates are reusable as well, giving you the ability to create quickly forms for similar positions.


Link from anywhere
Link your application form for a given position from your website, social media and other channels you use to reach out to potential candidates.

Customizable forms

Fully customizable forms to help you to get all the data you need to continue with your recruitment process. Develop interchangeable form elements, parts, and templates - where all components are reuseable. Compose new positions easily by adding in the exact mix of form items you need. Roll out form changes via templates. Change multiple position forms at once by editing the chosen part of the template. Gain the ability to swiftly test things out or introduce changes rapidly when needed.

Contact us

We are iRonin - Web, Mobile and DevOps experts with a wealth of experience in creating, optimizing and managing clients software and systems, using a combination of proven and cutting edge technologies. If you want to try our Talent Management System out or if you want to build IT solution for your business - make sure to get in touch.

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